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Employee Handbook

You have probably had to answer the same household questions of the employees many times. Of course, talking with the personnel is always helpful, but you can use time more constructively. Its good if you know the answers to the questions, but what if you dont? Anyway, its better to fix the household rules, creating an employee handbook and not spend any more time on it.

The situations in which our clients turn to us (the presented examples are real questions received from company managers):

  • My company is small; therefore I show all new personnel the ropes myself including the rules of conduct. Sometimes I forget to say something, and this results in some unpleasant exchanges. I want to have all the necessary rules fixed.
  • The new employees get into the swing of the work very slowly. We need instructions that would describe where to find specific documents in the database as well as what should be done and when.
  • Im tired of answering questions like Can I break my holiday into four parts? or Can I ask for leave?, or How many days of my sick leave will be paid?, or Will my phone calls be compensated?

An employee handbook is a document that contains everything about a companys policies and operating procedures: rules, requirements, operation methods, who to inform if something breaks down, etc. It reflects a companys real life and is an employee reference guide. The information is presented in a clear, convenient and memorable format.

Developing and fixing the internal regulations is a routine process, but the results are really worthwhile. It will help you to:

  • accelerate the adaptation of new employees;
  • reduce the flow of identical questions;
  • simplify monitoring and resolving conflict situations; and
  • ensure that the employees have the same understanding of the companys policies and procedures.
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