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Audit of Companys Internal Environment

All managers want to know the mood of their workforce. Through knowing your employees attitude to their responsibilities and to each other, which stimulates their productivity, you can essentially increase the labour efficiency of the company.

How can you get comprehensive and trustworthy information on what is going on in your company?

The internal environment audit and employee survey achieves more honest results when conducted by independent experts. Only then will your employees have an opportunity to frankly and anonymously express their opinion on all issues, and will you be able to get a more accurate insight into the intracorporate situation, covering issues such as job and payment satisfaction, as well as what they expect from you as their manager.

The situations in which our clients turn to us (the presented examples are real questions received from company managers):

  • My company has grown so much that I do not understand my people any more.
  • I would like to evaluate the efficiency of the human resource management system and conduct an employee survey.
  • Employees are leaving the company and I dont know the real reasons why.
  • I feel tension in some subdivisions. What is causing it?
  • I want to show my employees that I value their opinion. I want them to speak up, complain, and for their spirits to lift. Will an employee survey help me solve these issues?
  • Im planning to expand our benefits package. How is it relevant?
  • I cant constantly raise the salary. What other levers can I use which would become part of my company?
  • Im planning to introduce some changes in the Company. Who will support me? If I conduct an employee survey, what is the probability that their answers will be truthful?
  • What should be done to improve the employees efficiency?

An internal environment audit of the organisation allows to find answers to many questions:

  • Are the companys employees satisfied with their jobs: salary, working environment, effectiveness of non-material incentives, opportunity for personal development, etc?
  • What kind of organizational culture does the company have: management style, basic values/precepts, coordination of goals, implementation of decisions, etc?
  • How efficient is the personnel management system? How do the administrative mechanisms actually work?

Furthermore, the psychological environment in the company will improve considerably; after all, every employee wants his voice to be heard! The employees will feel like they can influence positive changes, and you will learn how to reach your goals as economically as possible.

But most importantly, you will have an unbiased system for making managerial decisions!

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